One day I was pulling weeds around our garage when two friends stopped by. It was a hot day, but they jumped in and helped me. We got the job done so much quicker than I would have by myself. We also had a great time of fellowship.

That got me thinking about the first church in Acts and their willingness to give all they had to help those, within the body, with what they needed. I thought, what a great concept, coming together to help our fellow brothers and sisters with their needs? We as the body of Lanesville Christian Church, need to serve one another, get our hands dirty, and fellowship by doing life together.

We all have projects that need to be done around the house! Maybe you don’t know how to approach your project, or you are overwhelmed by what to do or where to start. These projects can be big, such as a room remodel, or small, such as weeding a flower bed. These jobs are always more fun when done with a friend!

The focus of ACTS will be on members of our body. This is how it will work: you will let us know your need, big or small, and we will organize a work day at your house to get the job done. There are three requirements to schedule a work day at your house.

1. You must have worked on a previous job coordinated by the ACTS ministry team
2. Provide a meal for those coming to work
3. Provide all the materials needed for the job If you are interested in participating, please click below to fill out your form.